Auto Dealer Franchise Annex

Growth by Technology and Audience

Advertise inventory within all Ideal Auto locations and online via numerous platforms for efficient inventory turnover and leveraging cash flow.

Inventory Management

Inventory management puts you in the driver’s seat, with total control over costs, maximizing returns for every vehicle, and overall flexibility with every deal.

Reap the Benefits of Showroom

Our professionally designed showrooms will increase store exposure, boost floor traffic, and enhance the shopping experience.

* Auto Broker Franchise required unless prohibited by law.

Cost Summary

Basic Information
Franchise Agreement Duration

Typically 10 years

Recurring Fees

> Local Advertising & Promotions

> National Advertisement Contributions

> Monthly rent

> All other fees, including technology, software, utilities, additional training. etc.

Estimated Initial Costs

5% of Gross Profit

Initial Franchise Fee


(Includes Auto Broker Franchise)

Estimated Initial Investment*


* Estimated Initial Investment includes the Initial Franchise Fee; details itemizing its calculation are listed in our Franchise Disclosure Document.

* Dealer Franchise Fee is $45,000 without Broker Franchise annex. Combined Broker and Dealer Franchise license reflect a $30,000 discount from the original cost of $90,000.


Auto Broker

· The One-Stop-Shop

· Low Overhead Expenses

· Comprehensive Vehicle Finance Solutions

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Auto Service & Collision Repair

· Super Synergy

· A Comprehensive Vehicle Services Solution

· Discounts and Ready Vendors

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